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Re: I gave buddypress a try

still giving


At present it is easier to add blogs to phpBB, and build community, than add a discussion forum to BP.

It seems to me that this strikes at the heart and tradition of what WordPress is … as in one way broadcasting (single blogs) … rather than discussion.

I think WordPress is the best blogging platforms but I would argue that real community building happens around discussion, not one way broadcasting.

Imagine the different between

100 people standing in the street all talking aloud to themselves about their thing … and now and then being heckled by a passerby

100 people sitting down at a conference having a managed, or group discussions, about various topics ….

The first example is a WordPress blog farm.

The second is a phpBB discussion forum … and a community.

I am not exactly sure yet where Buddypress fits in or what its roadmap is.

If you want to add an integrated blog, which is picked up by a site search, you can do so to phpBB via a blog MOD. Imagine the above “conference” attendees having somewhere to be able post their conference speech papers.

The real problem is, BBpress was a badly starved project, as a discussion forum, before it was chosen to be integrated into WMPU and Automattic do not, seemingly, have a strong interest in integrating it.

I am wondering if it was a wrong choice and they should have gone with something mature like a bridge to phpBB.

A few folk liked BBpress because it was so slim and minimal … but then a few folk also like playing with 68k Apple Macs and Ataris too.

I hope that helps …

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