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Re: I GIVE UP.. wp-recaptcha WT%^&

Rich Spott



glad to see that it’s working (although not as secure as you thought) as i understood it, you have to force it sitewide because the registration page is for your whole site, not just the main one.

As far as wp-recapatcha not being the best, well this might be the case, but it does prevent some spammers. I was having a problem with scripts bypassing the entire registration process and starting up profiles and blogs without entering any of the required fields, and the only way i got them to stop, was to change my “wp-signup.php” to something different like “sbn-start.php” and replaced the 4 instances of it in the “wp-signup.php” file with “sbn-start.php” and then went into “bp-core-template-tags.php” and replaced the one instance of “wp-signup.php”.

This solved the problem (crossing fingers), but I still have a few people getting by that I have to manually spam and ban, but I can deal with 2-3 a day versus waking up in the morning and finding 200 spam blogs signup over night.

Hope I helped.

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