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Re: I just installed Buddypress with Multi user and having Theme issue with admin panel



This not meant to be a double post but rather more detailed information that I found out last night. The problem has to do with any other user other then super admin that tries to create a blog from the front end.(super admin/admin work from backend posting blogs) Everything else seems to be working but I notice that when a user tries to create a blog, it goes to (a non template looking page) links are spread all around and stuff also missing picture box for theme. I noticed that all of those blogs are using “twenty ten” The BP MU main uses BP Default with out a problem. I also got the same error with (Broken Themes (Site Admin Only)….”bp-default” style sheet is missing.) I looked at the files and notice that there is not .css sheet in bp-default and I see other themes in my theme folder and all of them have the .css file ect. I think I know what to do but still unsure, but I am wondering why the bp-default works with the whole site. So I guess the problem is that the admin blogs from the front end does not know what stylesheet?

I loaded wp2.9.2 forst then upgraded it to 3.0 however unsure if I added buddypress before update or after. I also loaded buddypress from finding it on the plugin search within in wordpress. Other information is that at first I did the buddypress template pack tried it then uninstalled it, reinstalled it and now it is uninstalled. I tried about 5 hours last night and still same stuff.

Any suggestions would be great

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