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Re: I need a tutorial of Citizen Kane Theme



@amattajm directions are in the readme file.

******How to set up featured posts*****

To show a featured post place it into a category ‘featured’

To show an post in the midbar column place it into a category ‘breaking’

******How to set up custom front page*****

Create a page called home and choose ‘Widget Home Page’ as the page template. Then in admin >> reading choose your created home page as the static front page.

The custom front page shows one featured post and four thumbs of the latest posts. The midbar shows two ‘breaking’ posts. The rest of the front page is made up from widgets.

To show a thumbnail on the front page posts just set an image as a featured image. Thumbnails are automatically cropped. To create exact thumbnails use the sizes listed below

Thumbnail sizes:

featured 405×175
midbar: 150×150
sub content: 190×100

******How to set up custom front page widgets*****

Widget areas include the sidebar that is a site wide column. The midbar, only on the front page. The bottom left column under the latest posts.

******How to set up sidebar ad space*****

Add your 300×250 ad code to sidebar.php file.

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