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Re: I need ideas for theme creation.



@modemlooper contextual sidebars a definite must when working towards the perfect bp theme, as mentioned by nit3watch. I hate having to create them and loading up the sidebar.php with if statements to know what page you are on. Also a blog network focused theme combining the groups/blog components to work together. as mentioned here.
Custom field and post tags,cats, recognition by the activity stream with index file that can be manipulated to function like a site wide tags replacement.
Tagging and categorization for blogs. widgets and page templates for each.
Bring more individual blog info out front(posts, comment_counts, ) so that member blogs content can be categorized, highlighted and maneuvered more easily.
Pull in user blog info into their profiles, posts count, draft counts, quick links to their blog admin, widgets. Blog management options or panel.
Include follow blog streams feature, similar to follow people, but instead it pulls in new_blog_post activity into Blogs I follow activity tab.
The perfect blog network bptheme, basically.

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