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Re: I want to speak Spotlish



@Lance Willett

Thanks a few questions if you dont mind… my replies below your pont


1. First I opened the POT file, copied it to a .po version, and then made the changes I wanted in a text editor (most with search and replace, but also had to do some new lines by hand).


Yes i have started doing this with poedit and i have now looked at doing this with text editor.. so once i have changed all groups to spots etc ill be ready with the .po and .mo file….


2. I uploaded the .po file to my web server, and ran this from a command line:


where do i upload the .po file to??

msgfmt -o buddypress-spots.po


What directory to i run this command in.. in the bas root one of the site or in /wp-content/

or /wp-content/mu-plugins/


what does this command do exactely


4. Then I went into wp-content/mu-plugins/bp-languages and added the file there.


did you mean.. “and added the file there…”


I too think that this is better long term as if each time i update it will nock out my changed files…

QUESTION the things i have defined…

define( ‘BP_GROUPS_SLUG’, ‘spots’ );

define( ‘BP_MEMBERS_SLUG’, ‘spotters’ );

i have already set up in wp-config.php will this clash with what you have said to doo..

thanks so much

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