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Re: I want to speak Spotlish

Lance Willett


No side effects that I know of, though our setup is still \”young\” (only been live for just over a month) so I don\’t know the long-term implications yet.

One thing I will mention, though — if you site has been live for a while you\’ll have to do some SQL cleanup in the database to rename things that have been cached (like user activity). For example:

UPDATE wp_bp_activity_sitewide SET content = replace(content,\' wire:\',\' wall:\');

What do you have to do different now that you didn\’t before you had the faux translation?

Actually, the biggest difference is a positive one: instead of hand-changing all the instances of \”Wire\” in the plugin and theme files we keep that in the language file instead. Since the language file (and the bp-custom file) aren\’t in the BuddyPress SVN repo they will never get overwritten when we upgrade.

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