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Re: I want to speak Spotlish

Lance Willett


Great — glad to hear it. Sorry to have missed your previous questions.

where do i upload the .po file to??

Anywhere on the server, it doesn’t matter.

what does this command do exactely

It takes your PO file and creates the MO for you.

did you mean.. ”and added the file there…”


i have already set up in wp-config.php will this clash with what you have said to doo..

Hmmm… that I don’t know. I don’t use those configuration settings, myself. I would suggest commenting them out and testing your site. If the language file changes are still working, go ahead and delete those lines from your wp-config file.

Overall the language file is a better long-term solution since you can make changes for other labels there as well if they come up in future versions, whereas those custom definitions are only specific to a few labels.

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