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Re: IE broke my CSS

Jeff Sayre


So you can expect to see a lot of IE6 and IE7 browsers visiting your site.

Although you can expect about half of the users who visit your site to be using IE, very few will be using IE6. This of course varies with the type of site. If your site is focused on PC-only based issues, then of course a larger percentage of users will be using some version of IE.

As of September 2009, IE6 accounted for only 12% of browser use:

This is why many corporate websites have stopped worrying about supporting IE6.

But I digress. Back to the OP’s issue. As Boone intimated above, it is all too common to have issues with IE breaking your site’s design. Ironically, your best bet is to use Firefox with the FireBug Add-on to investigate what is causing the problem. If it is only an IE6 issue, then you need to decide if it is worth your time figuring out a CSS work around.

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