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Re: Import existing user

Jeff Sayre



I have no problem with you posting in the BP forums. If I did, I would say so and/or ignore your posts. In fact, I often answer your questions or at least point you in the proper direction. I did the former above.

I also appreciate the fact that you are diligently working on learning PHP and the inner workings of WPMU and BP. It is a long road to slog.

In suggesting that a Google search would have answered your question–and more than likely much more quickly than waiting for someone to respond on this forum–I was simply making a point that since all of us moderators volunteer our time, and a lot of it at that, it helps everyone if a member first searches out a particular issue. That means if it is specific to BP, they search the BP forums first, and then Google second. If it is more of a general programming issue (or as you say above, a “basic issue”), then they search Google first then the WPMU or BP forums second. If they find nothing, then posting is recommended.

I assume that you do use Google. We all do. But, I was trying to give you a friendly reminder by first answering your question, second suggesting that issues outside of the scope of WPMU or BP can often be quickly answered via Googling, and third provide a link to the answer in such a way that reinforces that point to anyone who reads this thread.

I can’t tell you how many times a day I answer a question on these forums whose answer could have been found by searching the forums or google. I don’t mind helping out, but my time is limited and it gets old.

Just to be clear to everyone, none of the moderators on these forums are employees of Automattic. We do not get paid for the copious amounts of time we volunteer.

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