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Re: Importing data from Excel, CSV sheet

@wordpresschina – Thanks for the suggestion, this is exactly what I was looking for. I really do not understand one thing. Why when someone wants to register they get redirected to the Buddypress version of the registration, but when someone wants to login they go to the standard WP login page? Maybe there is something wrong with my install :(

Unfortunately, I am importing very basic information so I am not having the same issues as you. The only “special” info I am importing is for s drop down selecting menu. It should be noted that it does not force matching, meaning if the field requires 1 – 10 and the CSV file has 12, it will import the 12. The import only really matches up the columns. FYI… if you type something wrong in the top row like Website instead of “company website” the import will actually create a new xprofile field.

Hope this helps (or at least answers some questions.

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