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Re: Importing data from existing database to buddypress



Thanks for your responses folks. Allow me to explain my query a bit in more depth –

Existing Site:

Exists since last 4-5 years; created by an amature web designer using php-mysql. The fella is refusing to cooperate and all I have is access to .sql dumps of individual tables of the existing database.

The current website only provides simple functionality to accept data from users through a form [typical form consisting of First Name, Last Name, Year of Graduation, Branch, Phone Number, Email ID, Current Employer, Profession etc.).

What I have done so far:

Created a WPMU powered site on my computer using XAMPP installation. Before I take it to the Internet, I’ll have to present a demo to my college. For that, I need to import the data of existing users from existing database to WPMU database.

To keep the things simple, I have replicated the input fields of existing website into my WPMU site.


I want to have all the old information imported to my new WPMU database so that the old users do not have to re-register on the new website.

What I’m thinking:

If I can import the .sql dumps from existing database tables (I have individual table backups!) to WPMU tables.

What do you think? Is there a better way to solve the problem? Please suggest.

PS: I love WPMU & Buddypress. Awesome creation, guys! :)

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