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Re: In trying to open a theme i get this code

Jeff Sayre



Rather than trying some fancy install via packaged tarballs, I’d suggest a plain, simple install from scratch. Even though you went back and, as you state, “tried to do a more careful replacement of the files,” try a clean-slate install.

Delete everything, including your MySQL DB–assuming you don’t have any important data. Then, download and install WordPress Mu 2.7.1 from here. Get it working before attempting to install BuddyPress.

Once it is working, download BuddyPress and follow the readme.txt instructions.

Looks like this is happening to a lot of sites

I understand your frustration. But, when I search Google for “Failed+opening+required+’BP_PLUGIN_DIR”, I can count exactly 6 actual sites with this error and then several comments within blog posts that indicate the same issue.

Combine that with the half a dozen reports in the BP Forums for this issue, and you get maybe 15 people–assuming none of these people have commented in multiple places. That is not “a lot of sites”.

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