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Re: Including non-community blogs in blog directory

Jeff Sayre


Okay, a couple of thoughts:

1. Off the top of my head I’d say the quickest way to offer some solution is by creating a new extended field and letting your members paste their blog URLs in that field. Call the field My Other Blogs.

This would not bring in any of your members’ blog posts though. It would simply provide a standard place to put an external link to their blog(s). You could tell them how to make the urls look a little prettier by using an href tag.

<a href="http://myotherblogurl/">Hey, look at my cool blog!</a>

2. You could use the FeedwordPress plugin to allow your members a way to aggregate their external blog posts. I’ve never used this and I have no idea how it will play with BuddyPress.

3. You could suggest, possibly offering as a premium service, that they move their other WordPress-based blogs to your site. You would then use Donncha’s Domain Mapping Plugin to faciliate that move while allowing your members to keep their original domains. I’ve never done this, so there may be a lot more to it than meets the eye.

In essence, you would have your existing internal Mu blogs co-existing with all the newly imported and mapped blogs. I’m not sure what conflicts this could cause with WPMU or BuddyPress.

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