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Re: internal server error after activating bp

Jeff Sayre


Okay, let’s try something else. Back up one step by deactivating BuddyPress once again. Next, make sure that you are using the default WordPress theme. We are trying to make sure that WordPress is working by itself without issue. I assume it is, since you have to activate BP from the Admin panel. But, let’s do this anyway.

Once again, before doing anything, make sure you have backed up your Data and have offsite copies of any non-default themes and your plugins. It is just a standard precaution that makes it much simpler to restore your environment if anything goes wrong.

Next, you’ll want to remove all your plugins from the “plugins” directory. Of course, you first have to be absolutely sure that you have deactivated them all before doing this. You should copy your existing, deactivated plugins into a temporary folder. That way, you can add them back into your empty “plugins” directory after everything is back up and running.

Now, you should have WordPress with the default theme and zero plugins in the “plugins” directory. Make sure that the plugins folder is still there. It should just be empty.

Does WordPress work without issue in this bare-bones setup?

If so, now you reupload the BuddyPress plugin into the empty “plugins” directory. Then, activate it. What happens?

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