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Re: internal server error after activating bp

Anonymous User 1502623


I’d be quite interested in hearing opinions on my next proposed step to resolve this.

I’m currently building a website for a friend who is on United Hosting’s most basic 200mb webspace package. Out of curiosity, I installed Buddypress. It worked. Immediately.

So, I had the little idea of registering for a brand new, basic hosting package for one month (£5 to get this sorted is perfectly acceptable I’d say) where I will install Buddypress on it and get it configured.

I could then import the database tables of my other wordpress install on my other hosting package and go from there, importing themes/plugins etc back bit by bit being very careful as to avoid getting the internal server error again.

I cuold then cancel the old hosting account and stick with the new one, upgrading it to the hosting package I’m currently on. Is it hard to import and export a rather large WP databse with other 2400 articles in it?

Is this solution advised? I can’t think of anything else.. nothing as immediate, anyway.

That said, if it’s something in my WordPress database causing the internal server error, I guess I’m as good as screwed.

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