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Re: internal server error after activating bp

Dragging things back to opening post I noticed a reference to only having 20MB HD space remaining! is that serious and accurate?

I can’t vouch for WPMU/BP requirements but can tell you that in certain circumstances this could prove fatal for instance as an example We have production servers for a bespoke application we run (nothing to do with BP) this application has a series of tasks to run periodically throughout the day with the big ones being data import and processing of property details along with Images to be resized and duplicated, one of our tasks ran into issues where it wasn’t deleting the original file imports and simply stacking them up in it’s import folder resulting in ever increasing number of files until that one folder had 80GB of images! this crashed our tasks completely as available HD space had been reduced to less than a few MB and all tasks failed as they simply couldn’t create temp space where required.

If you can definitely increase you available HD space You will need it ultimately if you are allowing blogs to be created and/or user uploads to occur.

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