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Re: internal server error after activating bp

Anonymous User 1502623


Thanks for all of the suggestions so far. Unfortunately, 20mb is accurate; I’ve ‘got by’ on a minimal amount of space for a fair while now and I suspected that it was far, far from ideal. I assumed UH would be a fairly larger sized host.. shows how little I know..! They do have very good customer support and are very responsive to any issues I have, I would like to stick with them if their hosting will hold BP (even if I have to upgrade my package to buy more webspace). Is there anything I should ask them? They said they would be more than happy to tweak anything ‘serverside’ or alter anything to do with the php. I have also tried .htaccess in the public html folder, as to whether the .htaccess is correct is a different matter.

Joining new hosting and transferring my wordpress installation/database over sounds like a very sticky task and not one I’d be confident undertaking. I’d rather take suggestions onboard and see what I can do :) I think I’ll start with increasing filespace?

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