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Re: Internet Explorer 6.0 and friend requests

A lot of frontend developers are now essentially dropping support for IE6 it’s a rapidly dying browser, many of us have suffered for years getting layouts to work in it and worse in IE5. Acceptable results now tend to be the layout functioning in IE6 but not necessarily having all the bells and whistles that Modern Standards browsers will deliver, personally I will no longer devote too much development time to it, whereas in the past it could have easily soaked up to 50% of the project time

Users must be encouraged to upgrade to at least IE7 although that was an utter waste of space and simply a sop to developers and the wider public while they worked on IE8 which actually is half decent and can claim to be almost a ‘Modern’ browser.

MS themselves would rather people upgrade and MS are only supporting IE6 because they are tied in by the license agreements – but probably wish they weren’t.

The accepted practice to deal with IE issues is to use Conditional Comment structures and IE specific stylesheets as has been mentioned earlier, this approach should provide usable layouts in IE<8

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