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Re: Internet Explorer 6.0 and friend requests

Jeff Sayre


I reckon as much as 25% of my users are using ie 6

Well, based on the most recent browser statistics, you have an unusual group of users!

It is very difficult to optimize a theme design for IE6. Are you using a custom theme? If so, look at the header.php file that comes with the default BP theme and make sure that you’ve included the calls to the ie6.css files.

Also, here’s a thread that about IE6 issues that may help out:

I said this in another thread about IE support:

Getting themes of any platform (not just WordPress) to work in all versions of IE can be frustrating and tricky at best, impossible at worst. I would focus on optimizing your users’ IE experience on IE8 and IE7. Some designers are not even supporting IE6 anymore. I wouldn’t even worry about IE5.5 Of course, this is only my opinion.

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