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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test

Sorry not Boone but your comments made me think about another logic issue for users.

Your point about standard default BP and send invites is why the original plugin was created to provide access to all members.

With the plugin activated, now when creating groups one reaches stage 4? and the send invites is the complete member base, Boone having removed link to send email invites on this screen.

Ignore step 4 and complete creation of group and you are presented with the new group main page with invite screen now having the link to send email invites taking you to profile.

The only slight issue here is that having created the group and now having the option to send email invites the user might well assume that the invite is being sent to Invite their friend to THE group they just created and from which they just navigated – however if you have the invite to group option disabled in admin config then the user can’t send an invite that explicitly invites to that group?

What would help users a lot would be a little more by way of general instruction as they perform various tasks, in this instance at stage 4 ‘invite friends’ it states simply “Select people to invite from your friends list.” there is a tonne of space to add something like :

“If you don’t wish to invite friends at this stage click ‘finish’ At a later time you can select the group tab ‘send invites’ and either select from site member list or click link to send email invites from your profile page. “

In fact the creation screens should display a step by step guide that simply details the process and options. It can easily sit there to the right (if we’re talking about default theme) This is something that I will be adding myself anyway in general terms where it might aid the user to have more detailed info.

It’s possible that simply expanding the textual guidance and instructions would at times help overcome basic newbie confusion when performing functions across BP?

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