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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test

A couple of minor? issues:

default message text has %whatever% instead of %%whatever%%

Slightly more of an issue?

enabling ‘Allow group Invites’ unfortunately drops ALL groups into screen this includes ‘Hidden Groups’ as such on production I have had to disable feature although I think I can probably get a fix in place to not show hidden groups for the interim.

Of course it might be a case that this ‘user’ has actually created the hidden group and is the owner/admin and so does want to invite to this group so simply preventing hidden groups from showing might not be the answer and things become trickier – I guess hidden groups would need to be tested to see whether the user was the owner /admin of that group and only then would that group be displayed otherwise it would be removed from the list.

Our situation is slightly different as we don’t allow users to create groups and we would never want or need to send email invites to join hidden ones so I’ll either try and run a check to see if a group is marked as hidden or failing being able to achieve that I’ll have to run with the option disabled.

Off Tangent: one further link on the account tabs is one too many, even with a generous min-width tabs now wrap which is very unfortunate as there is no real way round that short of increasing page min-width,. Now have to spend time finding an alternative approach to those tabs which I hadn’t factored into things *sigh* The tab approach laid out as is in the default layout is a flawed approach given that plugins can add their links to these tabs, as with any layout there has to be a limit if working a horizontal tab style set of nav links otherwise one has to run them vertical really.

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