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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test

Have you verified your hidden group problem with a non-admin account?

erm… um… damn, far too early in the morning to have been thinking clearly, had only had the first cup of coffee, tying to do half a dozen things at once, lack of focus , rushing and a heap of other excuses. So you you had covered the hidden group issue then :-)

Not sure if language files are easier? personally not really used to working with them so instinctively feel they are something that make things harder? but that might just be fear and the fact that the codex instructions rambled on about having to create .mo files from command line, which is fine can do but seems a hassle, wanted to change ‘Favorite’ site wide to the more arcane version but gave up when I saw the steps I would have to take to simply change one word!

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