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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test

There is a todo.txt in the folder where BG lists features to be implemented and in that ‘Sent Invites’ has a few entries one of which is to look into method of clearing individual accepted/all invites.

@gregfielding – at present there don’t appear to be any rules for the widget markup probably because it’s a dev version, likely styles will be added later in stable release but if you are using the widget ( which appears perfectly stable) live then until stable version released you probably ought to add these two rulesets to either the invite-anyone stylesheet or your custom stylesheet if using one – if thast is you haven’t already sorted this out:

.widget.invite-anyone li {
margin:5px 0;
.widget.invite-anyone form li input {

This is especially important as without these rules the default layout as rendered in IE6 is borked.

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