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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test

Ok installed dev and ran pretty much every scenario I could think of on live test site.

It appears rock solid, no issues found.

– Sort by column

Seems fine, ‘Sent’ column toggles descending /ascending not so sure whether the ‘Accepted’ column shouldn’t be sort by accepted/not yet accepted ?

– Clear screen

works as expected – with minor reservations noted below

– Admin group invite control

Great addition as it adds back control so effectively allowing admin to retain original functionality of group invites, disable completely or extend to complete membership base, tested and appears to work just as expected; tested on subscriber – no invite allowed , promoted user to Mod – allowed from friends list then set mod to allow access to All, Admin allowed access to All etc all works as one would expect and hope.

Minor issues, not bugs.

Having cleared a sent invite from a users list I then dragged up the old invite email and actually accepted the invite, of course as I have removed the invite from my list I am not aware they have accepted – perhaps not a huge issue or an issue at all? What would ideally be nice would be that if invitee did accept we re populated the sent invite list but with Accepted column showing true? Probably tricky to do though , something along the lines of matching is_joined to Is_hidden ideally being able to establish if is_joined was dated later than Is_hidden remove is_hidden and allow to reappear in list. Looking at able I realise this is likely not really possible though especially as you would need to still allow user to clear the entry so a lot of dates would need to be stored joined to the various fields.

In a similar vein as above should someone who opts out update the sent invites list with one further column ‘Declined’ it’s really one of those non issues but as things stand I have no means of knowing the person invited has opted out and they remain on my sent list waiting .

As always excellent work, hope others might test as well, as there may be things I have missed but am continuing to test and will report back anything found.

btw you will need li element margins as the default styling makes use of that horror the ‘reset ‘ knocking out all margins and many other things, your input fields on the widget are stuck together like glue :-)

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