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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test



Hi Boone,

I am just testing your plugin:


I just saw a very small design-issue within the widget when I put it into the side-bar at the right.

The position of the button named “Continue” is slighly hiding the widget-title of the one widget which I have placed underneath the “invite-anyone widget”.

I guess it is just the height of the widget which needs to be made a bit bigger….


when I do enter the e-mail of a person who is already a member of the website, then I do get the correct message that this person is already a member. This is great.

But when this happens, then the text-format within the text-field named “Customize the text of the invitation” is changing its format-style, meaning the letters of the words are getting attached to each other and the text is getting hard to read. Looks like the < br > styles are getting deleted.

Also Is there a chance to style the “Subject Line” and the “Text-field” so that it looks like an e-mail, e.g. putting a border around thise two fields and a grey background-color ?


since the wording “Send Invites” and “Sent Invites” looks quite similar, it is getting confusing.

Is there a chance you re-name the wording for “Sent Invites” to something different, e.g. “Pending Invites” or “Invitations” or “Invitation List” or “Invited Friends” ?


Please let me know your PayPal-account so I can send you a few Buddy-Dollars to appreciate your great work !

Many thanks !

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