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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test

Hugo Ashmore


Ah yes the reason was that I was logged in, logged out and tried the email link and all correct..

Hmm html is not apparently escaped or at least if it is that doesn’t prevent links being pasted in the form

It’s a minor point though but just think that it’s probably safer to ensure that just text string can be entered although that’s all a link is strictly speaking.

One error stumbled on – very possibly irrelevant as it hasn’t manifested on live test site – is that playing around on local dev site when I tried to send an invite I received an undefined function error which I thought odd and don’t think I noticed yesterday.

by-email.php is calling function invite_anyone_record_invitation() – function lives in db.php and db.php is being required() into by-email.php and correctly as far as I can determine, yet php keeps returning function undefined on invite_anyone_record_invitation() as though it were trying to run the function before it were included or it’s gone out of scope somehow. Checking the table shows no entries but then it wouldn’t if the function isn’t run. this is just fyi in case it suggests anything possibly problematical.

Yes all in all it does feel very stable with most of the issues not really to do with correct functionality (Most have been user error :) )but operational refinement.

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