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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test

Hugo Ashmore


Excellent; downloaded stable and overwrote local dev and test live, all appears fine , those issues I had locally with file paths were I think due to me probably updating only selected files? either way cleared up with the new set.

Good backend admin settings, I like being able to set a period of membership before emails can be sent .

Thanks a whole bunch for the work.

I’ll upload to production site tommorow!

Edit/ One minor thing spotted, not sure of the importance really. Logged in as admin I go to another members account/profile click the link ‘send invites’ and as well as being able to see the email screen (not an issue?!) the email message states my admin username – perhaps it would have to, in fact it would have to, unless the screen was removed only being visible if logged in user == user profile

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