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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test

I had failed to do my code merge correctly

:) Never been a fan of CVS/Subversion, always get confused when it comes to merging,tagging, checking out, et al

Back to the Opt Out debate:

I’ll be updating our privacy statement to include, in the email address records section, acknowledgement that members can send invites to NON members and that those email addresses are stored in our DB but that we will remove any address on request.

As for the email I would be wanting a statement at the bottom of the email notifying the recipient that they may use the Site Admin link to request that their email address be removed from our DB records and no further emails be sent to that particular email address.

Checking through the Can Spam Act suggests that one of the primary compliances is for a clear and definite Opt Out notification.

The Act itself is, it’s to be noted, a Federal USA piece of legislation, so not necessarily binding on other countries, naturally emails sent to American addresses might be deemed to fall under the act but this area of international law and boundaries is a particularly gray area, but I’m going to have a chat with our legal chap to see what his position is on the Act, it’s probably a case though that it doesn’t hurt to reference it in the sent email.

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