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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test

Boone Gorges


crashutah – Thanks a million for the feedback. The Facebook language is really helpful. I think I should be able to add an opt-out feature with only a little work.

As for your other excellent suggestions:

– Definitely agree about customizing the subject. My plan was to make it customizable by the site admin, but not by the end user – but on second thought it would be easy enough to put a toggle on the back end that lets the site admin decide whether users can personalize the subject line

– The Reply To idea is very good. I’m using wp_mail, WP’s built in mail function, which in theory should allow me to feed in some headers. I will give it a try – but no promises on this one, as I’ve had trouble making the WP default reply-to address work correctly in the past and don’t feel like tearing any more hair out over it :)

– Something must have gotten screwed up in your apostrophe comment. Do you mean that a slash showed up? I suppose that makes sense. I will have a look at stripping those slashes.

– Great, great idea about autopopulating email field. I will take care of it right away.

– Your point about auto-adding/auto-friending is well-taken. I kind of feel the same way. I think I might make it an admin option: send group/friend invites, or just do the adding. I can see arguments both ways (you give a good case for auto-adding, but you might also think that it’s nice to get some notifications first thing when you log in…) so I think it might be best left as an option for the administrator.

Again, I really appreciate the detailed feedback.

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