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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test

Boone Gorges


crashutah –

– I will try to get around the FB Connect issue. I glanced at the code to see if I could understand the problem and I didn’t see it right away, though it’s more than likely the case (as you suggest) that FB Connect is not making full-fledged BuddyPress members (as opposed to the less fleshed-out WP users).

– I’m planning on making the group send invites tab visibility more fine grained, so sitewide admins can choose who will get to see it.

– Not sure I agree with you about people being used to comma-delimited fields – I can see my users getting terrified of such a phrase! Part of the reason for having separate fields is to prevent spam. It’d be easy enough to limit the number of permitted invitations with a comma-delimited list, but having separate fields makes it visually clear that you can only send a few at a time. On the back end, at some point in the future I will add the hooks and filters necessary to allow for address-book importing – the way the front end appears doesn’t really affect this functionality, as it all ends up getting stored as an array anyway.

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