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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test

I understand not wanting to clutter admin config screen, I was simply thinking out loud trying to second guess potential issues or requirements.

I was pondering a second non technical admin such as our legal chap deciding that in fact he wanted a more detailed explanation of what we would do when user requested opt out, then I’m happy for him to jump in and change it, what he wouldn’t be able to do is edit a .pot file.

This really isn’t a huge matter though, footer area would be time better spent because I think that it’s an issue if one has decided to allow users to edit subject line and message body it could prove dangerous and retaining control over one piece of text in the email that the user couldn’t change becomes wise?

? I’m thinking 0.5 feels pretty stable ?

Anton does make a good point in being able to clear the sent invites list.

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