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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test

@Erich73 – Good call on the group creation issue. I think the answer is just to turn off the message for the group creation process. I’m about to check in version 0.5.2, which makes this correction. Email invitation can only be done from the normal Send Invites screen, so the confusion shouldn’t happen.

fwiw that would have been my call as well, there’s enough to do creating the group, let the creator have a breather and come back to the newly created group to decide who to invite send mail to.

Apropos the ‘in_array() expects parameter’ I too have this occurring on one of my local test installs but not another and can’t really see what is different between the two but it’s not happened live, it feels like a loading order issue but haven’t had time to investigate the cause

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