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Re: Is anyone using the Genesis Buddy Child Theme?



I thought should probably just do a quick update here on this thread. After-the-fact to realize the thread might make it look like I was suggesting that Ron and Andrea we’re a little lacking in the customer service and I couldn’t be further from the truth. I think it was just a little bit of bad timing and eagerness on my part to get things up and running ASAP.

Anyhow my problem has been resolved and it turns out that a big part of it was user error on my part. That’s way too often the case! LOL

Ron IMO went way above and beyond terms of the service and support he offered me over the weekend. Very helpful, very patient and very polite. If it was roles reverse I probably would’ve been a little snappier than Ron was with me !

Anyhow very good highly recommend their services to anyone who’s looking for premium theme. These guys are my second premium theme company and without naming names IMO these guys are considerably better to deal with than the first premium theme people I dealt with a few months ago. And I would add much more affordable.

Thanks again guys.

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