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Re: Is bp dying a slow death?



I do not want to speak for Jeff, but I recognized from his posts on this Forum that he knows a lot about Privacy-stuff.

I guess Jeffs Privacy-Features could have been build into the Core-Code already and would have added value to BP.
Let him allow to build his basic-features into the Core-Code and give him the chance to make some money on top of that by providing a plugin which gives “Advanced Privacy Features”.

The same goes for the Events-Plugin which probably only would have needed a bit of support from the Core-guys to get it properly running ?

No Plugin and Core-Code will be 100% perfect from the beginning, but with building this stuff into the Core-Code (with having the ability to activate / deactivate those features in the backend) and therefore having the benefit that many BP-webmasters will have the chance to test those features and providing lots of feedback and for coders providing patches on each of those features in order to improve it.

I guess that is what this article says (read it again !):

Just apply “continuous deployment” to BuddyPress.

Currently there are many coders working on their own Plugins and are the “Gatekeepers” of their own little walled garden, but think about “Crowd-Sourcing”:
Why not providing a TRAC-tool, which gives all the talented coders on this Forum the chance to commonly work TOGETHER on a specific BP-feature (e.g. Privacy, Front-End-Blog-Posting, Events, etc.) ?

Step out of your own tunnel-vision and take the bigger-world-view and EVERYBODY will benefit.

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