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Re: Is bp dying a slow death?

Just a note to say you don’t have to be a coder to participate in dev chats. :) Want a say? hop into the dev chat, that’s the place to hammer out things like where the development is headed.

And the main devs need a break too. Often, they were plowing through trac & dev and the forums here faster and more often than the main dev of wordpress. Slowing down does not mean dying. :) It means they get tired. Tired devs make mistakes. they also have a big job – half the users want faster dev, the other half doesn’t. Vocal people want this change, two months later, more vocal people want the last change ripped out. See the problem there?

Do you want the devs to dev or just get pulled all over by lots of forum threads? :)

So. Without trying to speak for Andy or JJ or channel Jane too much, grabbing a shovel means get dirty. And like I said at the start, there’s more to do than just code. Want to influence development? Show up at the dev chat. Hammer out the details for what’s next (baby steps). Roll up your sleeves. Give them a chance to breathe and think long term beyond putting out fires.

non-code ways to help:
– post tutorials in the main blog or your own
– help new users
– if you’re answering the same things all the time here in the forum, write it up in a codex page. Point people to that.
– test plugins
– submit trac ticket or comment on exisiting ones, even to say “yeah it broke for me too” or “I can’t reproduce this”
– say thanks

Also, it’s nice outside. Play a round of golf, cuddle a puppy. There is actually more to life than code.
(and yes, I make living from this code – my mortage depends on it. ;) )

Much love for all,

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