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Re: Is bp dying a slow death?

John James Jacoby


Andrea is correct. The grab a shovel phrase is only meant as an analogy to say that the best way to get what you want done is to do it. If you can’t, that’s okay too, and try not to be upset if someone else isn’t doing it either.

There’s no rush to push the next version out because that’s how mistakes are made, and pushing out a new point release means telling 300,000 people it’s safe to move on based on 4 peoples wandering eyes in the trac. If more people want more results then more people need to be involved. :)

1.2.5 is due very soon. There are less than ten tickets in that milestone and I’m loosely aiming for Sunday. Don’t throw tomatoes if it isn’t until Monday. :P

There are mentions through out the trac, various forum topics, and IRC that drop when we’d like to push 1.2.5 out, but it isn’t something that we can just “do” because no one is testing the branch and no one is reporting back how various fixes have affected them.

Lastly, I’ll say that I want 1.2.5 out just as badly, because I want to focus on building cool new stuff for 1.3 instead of bug creator/exterminator for 1.2.x :)

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