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Re: Is bp dying a slow death?

John James Jacoby


@hnla When there’s no tickets in the trac for that milestone, it’s a safe bet that the community at large feels it’s safe to proceed. So, we did it that way with 1.2.4 and the activity feed on the front page broke. The branch was there to test for months and lots of people worked hard to patch what they found, which is the reason 1.2.4 happened. I forget the numbers exactly, but 1.2.4 fixed something like 70 known issues, but it created 2 other annoying bugs at the same time that WP3.0 was launched. I typically have 5 or 6 different local test installations that I work from, with varying amounts of data between WordPress/MS/subdomain/subdirectory/Windows/Linux/English/Spanish. I do my best to run code through as many different variations as I can, but sometimes random bugs just slide through. The activity on the front page was one of them. :/

@andrea_r My puppies are snuggle thieves. They just take snuggles whenever they want them. Blame any lack of BuddyPress progress on my pups. :D

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