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Re: Is bp dying a slow death?




“……because no one is testing the branch and no one is reporting back how various fixes have affected them…..”
“……I typically have 5 or 6 different local test installations that I work from….”

Can we get a few more test-websites online (probably with different set-ups) at which we ALL can test the bleeding-edge-version ?

Currently it is hard to test new fixes at as this website has no MultiSite-Blogs and also some other features disabled. is more a marketing-website than a testing-platform.

There are many people here who would like to do testing, but it is hard for a non-coder to set-up a local install at his computer as this know-how is simply not there for a non-coder. But having a few online-websites to do the testing, this would be possible even for non-coders.

Just try to imagine for a minute: you are not a coder and have no experience in PHP and are not able to install WordPress or BuddyPress at all.
Like myself, I do like testing very much and have reported a few TRAC-tickets in the past, but I do have no clue about PHP or how to setup a BP-installation.

Yeah, you have 5 or 6 different local test installations that you work from, but we are not able to go and test on your local installs and report feedback.
I do have one live-website, but I would not dare to test the bleeding-edge-version at my own website, as I even do not know how to install the bleeding-version at my own website
Put your different local-setups online and I am sure many non-coders will go and test.

Many thanks,

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