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Re: Is bp dying a slow death?

John James Jacoby


@thekmen Where was the ticket in the Trac? I comb through the trac myself once a week and put tickets in the milestones that I can personally work on. Anyone else is free to grab a bug, move the milestone up, and patch it themselves all the same. This bug may have existed, but it wasn’t on the trac before 1.2.4 was released. If it was and we missed it, then we fix it now. We even put out to fix a bit of code that snuck in that belonged in 1.3 without anything being said about the activity stream yet.

@erich73 Not a bad idea, but that kind of setup comes with added responsibility. I would love for someone to take that initiative and setup a BuddyPress testing farm of various installation types and domains if anyone is interested? is sort of a different animal too because it’s still hosted on a shared box with other sites that need to remain up to the world. Yes, it’s a testing ground, but it can’t be broken for /live/ testing and cripple the server either.

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