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Re: Is bp dying a slow death?


We all know BP can be improved, and those of us that love BP wait like kids on Christmas morning every time there is something new, but let me ask a simple question….

What is so lacking in BP that would cancel out everything that is right with it and cause it to die out?

Nothing. There is nothing so major that would cause it to die.

All the busy schedules of the developers aside, let me purpose another theory on why the BP community may have slowed down.

Ignorant site owners.

I think so many site owners thought BP was some out of the box Facebook they just needed to install with a few clicks. Even worse they thought if they had all those cool features visitors would flock to their site. When they discovered that neither was true they came with signs and pitchforks complaining BP killed their site, members are upset, etc., etc. It couldn’t be that they know nothing about web design (or are willing to hire someone), it couldn’t be that they have no valuable content, it couldn’t be that they have nothing unique to offer, it couldn’t be a million other things that anyone that has be doing this for more than 6 months knows, it must be BP to blame.

So, I’ll be a good little kid and wait patiently for Santa and keep posting my Wish List here, and until Christmas morning arrives I’ll keep playing with my toys from last year. :)

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