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Re: Is bp dying a slow death?

@johnjamesjacoby said: because no one is testing the branch and no one is reporting back how various fixes have affected them.

I really dropped off on the bug hunts and running sites off of trunk (2 locals and a live). Since 1.2.x hit – my focus shifted onto contract work and building out plugins for such. I don’t see myself getting back into that groove until 1.3 is the next milestone. ( i’m still on WP2.9 :P )

As for everything else – this thread reminds me of the discussions on a year or so ago when communication on that project went dead – and the pitch forks came out. I think some of the frustrations come from wanting BP to bake a cake and run our errands. But at the end of the day – we all benefit from a freely available software package that can be shaped like playdoh. (nothing cool happens until you mash up the colors or eat it)

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