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Re: Is bp dying a slow death?




Maybe you should …seriously… here’s why:

Every platform eventually reaches a point where people come to the platform because of the software you can run on that platform …not the platform itself. Few people talk about how awesome Windows 7 or Linux or the latest version of Mac OS or even the iPad are as an operating system. Instead, they talk about all the fantastic applications you can run on them and as a result, make people excited about the platform.

I think that’s largely becoming the case with BuddyPress. I mean, we’re basically at the point where everything that’s going to be in the core platform has already been written. I really doubt we’ll see complex things like media hosting or Facebook connectivity or whatever the next big app is being integrated into the BuddyPress core, because they’re not features everyone will use.

So when people come to the forums posting things like “please assure me this is not a dead platform, because I haven’t seen any major changes in months”, it would probably be best to show them all of the new and exciting stuff being developed for BuddyPress, and that the platform is actually thriving.

Just my thoughts, anyway.


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