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Re: Is BuddyPress a sensible choice for a larger social site?



This is an interesting topic, one that concerns me too because I have been looking at the various options out there. I must say that BP is still somewhat in its infancy, I have been waiting for another project to open up their codebase namely Anahita Social engine, but maybe its me I just don’t like it when things get built on top of eachother and that project appears to be built on top of Joomla. BP is also built on WPMU and I am still trying to see if that will be a good or bad thing.

What concerns me is when things get built on top of eachother that it opens up security holes. WordPress itself has had its fair share of vulnerabilities but has proven to be a good platform so I having something built on top of that is something I am ok to live with.

Something I have been looking at is Community Engine which a Ruby on Rails (ROR) based community engine as the name says. Anyone got any experience with that?

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