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Re: Is BuddyPress a sensible choice for a larger social site?

Jeff Sayre


To add further credence to the healthy, continued existence of WordPress Mu and the strength and solidity of BuddyPress, 8 months ago I went through the same investigation, searching out the strongest, best supported, most flexible open-source based platform with which to build out a very large social network. I decided that WPMU + BuddyPress was the solution for me.

Since that time, I’ve fully immersed myself in both platforms, even becoming a moderator on theses forums (as you can see). Over that 8 month period, WPMU and BP have become even stronger, have improved in numerous ways. They are both at the stage where I am now very confident in their foundation. My project is now a go and I am currently feverishly working on building my platform. I hope to be rolling out a beta of my “professional grade community” by the first of the new year.

So do not worry about the future of WPMU or BuddyPress. The future is strong, bright, and healthy.

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