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Re: Is BuddyPress confusing to users?



@Erich73 In my opinion a BudyPress site works best if there are blog creators/writers and subscribers. Hopefully if things go well the majority should be Subscribers. Those folks will rarely if ever see the backend. I for one WANT my bloggers to have almost full access to the backend and all of it’s features. You have to give them that level of control to ensure their buy in. To me the best example of a really great BuddyPress site is a group of a half dozen or so rocking awesome blogs and a community that develops around them, NOT a community where 100 users have 100 play blogs where “test” becomes the prevailing blog title. You add some additional discussion related features like groups, forums, and events and i think you have a great formula for a thriving community.

I HOPE that BuddyPress does not become a member aggregation site where, the more people, the more successful a site is “perceived” to be. That to me is the game that Ning is playing. Why in the world woulu Buddypress want to be another Ning?

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