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Re: Is BuddyPress confusing to users?



Wow!! I wish this post had a different title because it hits on some really core issues that I hope everyone chimes in on. I was searching on how to let users “post” without giving them a full-blown blog/website and all the hassles that comes with. Mr. Maz crystallized it for me:

What it does best is create an instant social network around a community of bloggers. Since there are so few good looking options out there for out-of-the-box social network software, I think some people want BuddyPress to be more than it is.

Hammer meet nail!!! I’m one of those people.

However, with the merge coming, BP will be exposed to greater millions who have NO interest in creating a community of bloggers, but just a community for a new or pre-existing site. The pre-existing site is primary and the community is secondary. As software officially “adopted” by Automattic and arguably best of breed, Automattic will have to deal with this.

I chose WP/BP for a niche site where I want to build significant user interaction functionality because:

  • I believe WP is growing and development in core and plugins will surpass others for some time
  • Its ease of use for the developer with some php/mysql background (me)
  • I found BP later, but it is still has a brighter future than the competitors I’ve seen and the merge will only multiply that (but, there are alternatives ,
  • There are so many people trying to solve the same problems, I trust they’ll get it fixed – eventually

All that said, I think I’ll start another post on how to make BP work for sites that just want to use BP as a foundation for social interaction and not as a blogging network.

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