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Re: Is BuddyPress confusing to users?



yeah, the Admin-Dashboard of WP / WPMU looks very complicated to people who have never used WordPress or really are not some sort of Publishers.

So an average person “writing his blog” will surely need a few days to understand the Dashboard and most likely would not need all the features it is offering.

An average user probably only wants to write some text and post an image or a video.

I am thinking of the Community I am trying to target which are people at the age of 50 and above. So I decided to de-activate “User-Blogs” from my installation, because I am sure my users will be confused with the backend-Dashboard.

I do hope that the Dashboard of WP will get a design-overhaul to make it easier to understand.

Gonna see how the “quick blog post form via the theme” from the “BP-Roadmap” will work out ? If this will be easy to use (without going into the Dashboard), then I might integrate the Blog-functionality back-in into my installation.

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