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Re: Is it possible to create a Community where people can use thier real names ?

“You keep telling me that real names are used through out the installation and I am telling you that they are not. The members directory, one of the most important sections of this thing for any organization, list users by their username.”

It doesn’t*. We’re looking at ‘registered’ and ‘last active’ will order by those values, and it displays real names. If you order by ‘alphabetical’, however, I see a few issues:

*Page 1 of results is not sorting properly, at least on; something weird is going on. But if you click through to page 5, for example, it does sort by real name correctly (“Aaron Brazell, Aaron Castaneda, Aaron Chaote”, etc). If you look at the link to their profile, that uses the username (as is designed), and in the case of Aaron Brazell, as an example, you see his username is nothing like his real name. But not on page 1.

This is obviously a bug, as the latter pages work, and this is useful feedback. The BuddyPress developers can only fix bugs if people report them (

@peterverkooijen – as far as I know, none of your posts have been deleted. Some threads closed, yes, but not deleted. I’ve noticed too that some older forum posts are really hard to find since this site was updated a few weeks ago (so I look through Google, as BuddyPress search still sucks).

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