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Re: is there a facebook plugin that…



Thank you for the info.

In our case, yes we would want all the updates from facebook to post to the blog.

We have a number of missionaries around the world who post to facebook. I was thinking of creating a subdomain blog for each missionary. That way when they post to facebook it would automatically show up on their blog.

Now a normal person would say, ‘why not just post the blog article and have it pushed to facebook’?

Well, say I have 20 church websites that all support the same missionary. Instead of him having to post to all 20 church blogs, he could post to facebook, and I could have all 20 blogs auto updated for him.

Obviously this is a very specific example, but it would work the same for many concepts.

anyhow, I had not even thought of a wordpress app for facebook. I’ll go dig around and find me one.

thanks again

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